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6 Random Things

Przewalski Horse at Prague ZooDear Ellen,

Katie has tagged me, so here we go — 6 random things about me (deliberately not addressing Dale and the kids…this is about me).

1) Like all good Sailors, I have tattoos. (Three…numbers 4 and 5 already planned. Maybe next time we’re together?)

2) I count bunnies on my morning walks with the dogs. (Record high of 31!)

3) I greatly dislike coconut. (I can eat it to be polite, so I won’t say I hate it — but talk about a way to ruin a chocolate cake!)

4) When I was a small child, I was sure I could levitate if I concentrated hard enough. (I still have dreams of this…in my sleep, that is. It’s not actually an aspiration!)

5) I am very impatient — including with myself. (I’m trying to work on it.)

6) I can’t knead dough without excessive quantities of it sticking to my hands. (And I turn gold-tone jewelry green at an amazing speed.)

The photo isn’t part of the random things…but Katie threw in a random shot, so I did too.

teosinte.jpgteosinte-sock-detail.jpgThese photos are of my one completed Teosinte sock. I have another in the works and am leaving on a trip to DC, so expect that it will be finished by the weekend. I still have the “gentleman’s socks” in the works, so I have a back-up project. When I return I intend to finally block and stitch my lace tunic and then force myself to finish the sweater that’s been in the works for a year and a half. I don’t think it will really fit now, but I’ve seem to have stabilized and maybe even lost a little weight. I’m hoping by fall it will work — certainly by winter!

river-walk-ducklings-2.jpgriver-walk-1.jpgriver-walk-mama-and-babies.jpgjan-at-alamo.jpgAnd here are a few photos of one part of my last set of travels. I went to Tyndall AFB to visit with our component there, Air Forces North — but no pictures there…probably because it looks so much like the rest of Florida and having spent 1/10 of my life there, did not find it so remarkable. These are from the second leg of the trip — to Army North in San Antonio. We (I traveled with our Communications Operations Planner) finished up around 3 PM and that gave us time to visit the Alamo and hang out on the River Walk. The Alamo is a lovely Spanish-styled rustic church…and not really much more. The River Walk is fun with many restaurants, shops and tour boat opportunities. Nonetheless, I liked the ducks the best.

Love, Jan