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Episode 57 — Heaven Knows

In which we discuss a dinner for more than two in DC, visits from dear friends (military friends and podcaster friends!), a fun speaking engagement, a visit to DC by Karen, getting the Full Monty, biking around mother nature, Yarnover, Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival, and baby lambs (!!!!), and in which Ellen’s geeks out.

Episode 50 — turbogal, AKA Lisa

In which we celebrate the milestone that is episode 50, discuss NYC trips, trip ups with deer, podcaster visits and prank calls, Wilson’s continuing mastery of the chess world, precision dancing viewed at Radio City Music Hall with Jenny and light up swizzle sticks (!), pulling it together when your gauge is all over the place and a special outtake for your holiday merriment….oh, and turbogal.

Thanks to listeners, old and new, for joining us!  We are excited to share our 50th episode with you.  I wonder how long it will take us to get to Episode 100.

Patterns of Our Lives:

It seem that colds are making the rounds - if last episode you tracked voices by thinking “It is Ellen that has the deep husky cold-voice”, note that this episode it is Jan.

Jan could have used her cold to disguise her voice when she played a prank call on Ellen.  Instead she used Melanie of The Savvy Girls.  It is clear who the responsible and kind sisters are from these podcasts, eh?

Jan and Dale met a stranger - with the grill of their car.  Unfortunately, said stranger, a deer that jumped in front of their car, didn’t survive the exchange, nor did their car.  Fortunately, the Subaru Forester protected Jan and Dale and they didn’t even get a bruise.

Ellen had a much more enjoyable meet-up with knitter friends from the Knitajourney Midwinter Retreat including turbogal AKA Lisa.  (Lisa is turbogrrl on Instagram) And Jenny, Ellen’s daughter, had a nice meet-up when Jan visited New York City with a group of International Fellows from National Defense University.

Wilson continues his chess achievements - winning the Minnesota Master/Expert championship and bringing home a trophy about a meter tall. And his rating is even higher - the highest its been in his life and higher than he thought he’d achieve - which is really wonderful for him and makes Ellen so happy.

Finely or Finally Knit

Jan has finished several small items - a pet bed for Ruby, a very knit-worthy dog.  She also finished her socks out of Opal’s Van Gogh Sock Yarn in the colorway Cafe Terrace at Night.  One last item - a HappyBath(TM) washcloth out of an unknown cotton yarn.  Don’t bother going to her project page to look at them.  She is further behind in getting project pages done than Ellen is in getting show notes done!

Ellen seams to be done with Scotch Tango, her  Shirley Paden Design-along 4  Fair Isle design (actually, still needs to do the seaming).  She’s contemplating how to handle the raw edges on the steeks (update: they are already felting into place, so she is not going to bind them off at all!)

On the Runway

Jan is very close to finishing Fog Lights her variation on a Bohus reproduction sweater (Jan has made some color modifications to the original design of the Green Mist pullover by Kerstin Olson).  She is also working up a self-designed hat.

And Ellen is now turning her attention to the socks she is working up  for Modeknit Yarns out of ModeSock.

Bitten by our Knittin’:

The problem with doing your own design is you can’t blame someone else when the design doesn’t work out.  Ellen carefully planned where the sleeve ends on her Fair Isle sweater, but should have given some thought to how the design got started at the wrist.  Result - several inches of design frogged after she realized the color pattern wasn’t matching the body color patterning.  She had only accounted for 4 of the at least 5 dimensions that this pattern design included.

Jan found that riding buses to and from NYC gives you lots of knitting time, and it is also great for generating dropped stitches.

What Would Susan Ask?

If you were asked to limit yourself to knitting one type of thing for a year, what type of thing would you knit?  For Jan — socks, because they are her comfort knitting.  For Ellen — gloves in all their variations, so she’d never stop learning.

Design Challenge

A sweater many years in the making makes for many gauges. Ellen, Lisa (AKA Turbogal), and another friend all pitched in to help a new knitter get a long-in-the-making sweater back on track.   A good steam blocking of the wool/mohair blend knit pieces allowed them to get the slightly out of gauge front to match the back and sleeves to match each other.  They used a trick Ellen often uses - layering the top right on the back made sure they were the same length. (Width isn’t as crucial because your front probably isn’t the same width as your back.)  After a cool-down, the pieces were well-behaved, reasonably matching, and ready for seaming.

360 Degrees

The twin-spun two-ply (Ellen spun one ply, Jan the other) worked out well when Jan got it plied up.  Ellen is disgruntled that Jan won’t share half the yarn with her.

Embellishments - Jan swears by the Gmail unsubscribe function.  Let Gmail handle the hassle.

Fun Fur Feathers

Jan has added to her collection of rubber duckies with Bild the Great, a Viking ducky, and a Statue of Liberty ducky.

Slick Trick

See above - stacking sleeves on top of each other when blocking to make sure they are identical.  And if you knit a “super sleeve” - a tube that is both sleeves joined by steeks at the ends, it is super easy to block.  Simply stretch the sleeves on two dowels and get perfectly blocked, perfectly identical sleeves.

You May Already be a Weiner!

Lucky winner of Aila Grace by BostonJen is strid8!  And check out allaboutyarn’s Etsy store to see what made Ellen drool.

Fashion Forecast

It isn’t too early to think about summer.  And with summer comes TwinSet Summer Camp!  July 10-12, 2015.  Registration form can be found here:

Registration fee of $265 ($240 if registration postmarked prior to April 30) includes:
A real bed for Friday and Saturday night!  With back-pampering Tempurpedic mattresses!
Meals served family style in the camp lodge, Friday supper through Sunday brunch. Special diets are well-looked after, please note requirements on registration form.
Lots of camp activities, like knitting by the river, knitting by the swimming pool, hiking into the woods to knit, singing campfire songs while knitting, making and eating s’mores (no knitting!), and more.  We hope to have some vendors, and we’ll schedule one knitting/craft class, but the name of the game for the weekend is relax in the woods, let someone else do the cooking, and knit and enjoy each other!

We hope to see you there.

Enjoy the show!

6 Random Things

Przewalski Horse at Prague ZooDear Ellen,

Katie has tagged me, so here we go — 6 random things about me (deliberately not addressing Dale and the kids…this is about me).

1) Like all good Sailors, I have tattoos. (Three…numbers 4 and 5 already planned. Maybe next time we’re together?)

2) I count bunnies on my morning walks with the dogs. (Record high of 31!)

3) I greatly dislike coconut. (I can eat it to be polite, so I won’t say I hate it — but talk about a way to ruin a chocolate cake!)

4) When I was a small child, I was sure I could levitate if I concentrated hard enough. (I still have dreams of this…in my sleep, that is. It’s not actually an aspiration!)

5) I am very impatient — including with myself. (I’m trying to work on it.)

6) I can’t knead dough without excessive quantities of it sticking to my hands. (And I turn gold-tone jewelry green at an amazing speed.)

The photo isn’t part of the random things…but Katie threw in a random shot, so I did too.

teosinte.jpgteosinte-sock-detail.jpgThese photos are of my one completed Teosinte sock. I have another in the works and am leaving on a trip to DC, so expect that it will be finished by the weekend. I still have the “gentleman’s socks” in the works, so I have a back-up project. When I return I intend to finally block and stitch my lace tunic and then force myself to finish the sweater that’s been in the works for a year and a half. I don’t think it will really fit now, but I’ve seem to have stabilized and maybe even lost a little weight. I’m hoping by fall it will work — certainly by winter!

river-walk-ducklings-2.jpgriver-walk-1.jpgriver-walk-mama-and-babies.jpgjan-at-alamo.jpgAnd here are a few photos of one part of my last set of travels. I went to Tyndall AFB to visit with our component there, Air Forces North — but no pictures there…probably because it looks so much like the rest of Florida and having spent 1/10 of my life there, did not find it so remarkable. These are from the second leg of the trip — to Army North in San Antonio. We (I traveled with our Communications Operations Planner) finished up around 3 PM and that gave us time to visit the Alamo and hang out on the River Walk. The Alamo is a lovely Spanish-styled rustic church…and not really much more. The River Walk is fun with many restaurants, shops and tour boat opportunities. Nonetheless, I liked the ducks the best.

Love, Jan