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From the other side of the world

Hi, everyone! 

This is just a short post to say we are having fun, we’ve walked all over Korea and eaten all sorts of things, and we have yet to cause an international incident.  The closest we’ve come to the latter is our excessive bowing to people which usually makes the recipients giggle.  It probably embarrasses Jenny a bit, but isn’t that half the reason we came halfway around the world?

If I can figure out how to switch over to English language on the operating system on the computer that is in our room for the next few days, I should be able to upload some pictures, including a bit of knitting.  Yes, I know how to switch languages, but I can’t find the right command prompts right now because they are currently all in Korean.  I’m hoping the staff can help me tomorrow.

Anyong haseyo,


Pearl update

Hi, Jan,

Just to reassure, Pearl has perked up considerably as he has absorbed the subcutaneous fluid he got yesterday.  We took him in to the vet to start boarding early, so if he freaked out we could go to Plan B.  As we didn’t really have a Plan B, it is a good thing that the vet was able to report that he is resting quietly and doesn’t appear stressed.  We are confident that this will be like a little stint in a nursing home to get him in good shape, and then we’ll bring him home and feel sorry for him and let him sit in our laps at the dinner table for the next 3 years.

Annyonghi keseyo,


Old kitty

Dear Jan,

4.jpgI had to stop denying that Pearl is really getting old today. I took him in to the vet for a B12 and steroid injection to set him up for the cat sitter while we travel to Korea. (I guess that he needed those really should have made me realize he isn’t a young cat. But then I have to wonder what my ibuprofen habit says about me?) The vet was pretty concerned that he has lost another pound and told me he should really be in the hospital while we travel. That way they can give him fluids and keep a good eye on him. I feel silly but I had to go outside for some fresh air while they gave him his first injection. We’ll have to take him in tomorrow morning though we don’t leave till Saturday, so tonight while I should have been packing I just sat and held him in my lap. I am betting the fluids really help him and he will still have quite a few lap sittings in him, but something about leaving for Korea just on top of this makes me a bit sad.

Did we ever tell you how we got him? When Karen was turning 8, we thought she was old enough for a kitten. She wanted a kitten that exactly fit the description of Tigger, the cat in the Babysitters’ Club series. We put out the all points bulletin, and Mr. Lawrence (Mary’s dad) gave us a call to tell us he had just the cat. Someone had dumped him out at the Lawrence’s dairy farm. He even offered to deliver him all the way from Marion, OH down to Hilliard.

Mr. Lawrence, a real bear of a guy, hauled in a large cat carrier and opened the door. Out popped Tigger. He was just exactly the kitten that Karen wanted, so friendly and happy. Then a little black head appeared at the door to the carrier. Jenny, who had been watching Karen and Tigger so quietly, burst out with “oh, I get a kitty, too!”. Mr. Lawrence just stood there grinning. He knew exactly what he was doing, and there was no way that kitty was going home with him.

3.jpgBecause there won’t be many posts from this end while we are in Korea, I suppose I should show you a little knitting. 1.jpgNot much has been happening as I have worked like crazy to clear the deck at work before the trip and to get ready for the trip, too, but I am almost finished with one mitt. I’ll wait to do the thumb when I have the second one there, as I am planning to alter the pattern a bit and want to end up with two matching thumbs!2.jpg

Off to bed now so I can stay up all night tomorrow packing.