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Sleeves and leaves

Hi, Jan,

13.jpgNot a lot of news here, but a quick knitting update anyway. Those sleeves on Kalbi don’t seem to get any longer no matter how much I knit on them, but at least all the garter stitch makes for good knitting group work. I forgot my camera last night at said group, so I won’t trouble you with descriptions of projects you can’t see, but we did have fun. One of the bits of entertainment was watching Judy on “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” She did quite well. It reminded me of you on “Wheel”. (Newport Jam Festival?)

22.jpg31.jpgI’ve made some progress on the Forever in the Forest stole. I just finished tier 5. Unfortunately, tier 6 is Lily of the Valley. You know what that means.

Bobbles…why did it have to be bobbles?



Springtime visitors

Hi, Jan,

11.jpg21.jpg3.jpgFirst visitor of the week – the Amazon truck, bringing birthday tidings. It was thoughtful of Jenny to stretch Wilson’s birthday out with a present arriving this week – plus he gets to pick. How to pick between Dawkins and Vonnegut? Maybe he’ll just read them both before Jenny returns from Korea.

5.jpg4.jpgSecond visitors – Karen and Christina are here from the East to attend a med student conference. It is fun to have young people around who are willing to laugh at our jokes. And it is fun to have knitters in abundance. Isn’t Karen’s Eunny Jang Deep V Argyle Vest the bomb?7.jpg 6.jpgI love the stitch design. And it looks so cute on Karen. I don’t think my personal sense of style handles the new deep necks, but I think they look great on others. (This goes along with my wearing greys and olives and browns so much, I think.) (Remember the wood thrush is kind of drab in appearance, too, but it is one of the most talented singers in the woods. Not that my talent is singing – just saying don’t worry about me having a self esteem issue.) (Oh, yah, you probably weren’t really worried about that.)

8.jpgPearl visited the back yard for quite awhile and then stretched out in the sun on the back deck. He looked very happy. Then he came in an puked up the grass he’d eaten. So cute.

12.jpgFourth visitor, and one I had about given up on – the croci are up! You can tell from the picture how long and hard the snow pressed down on the yard, but there is no turning back now. If you don’t have your ice fishing house off the lake by now, I am afraid you have likely invested in lake bottom property.

Don’t worry, I don’t think ice fishing is big in Colorado.



Experimental Socks

Hi Ellen!

I’m working on a new pair of socks. You would think that instead I would take the time to do the finishing on my lace tunic since the knitting is complete. You would think wrong. Evidently, I must allow completed pieces to marinate together in a zip lock bag for several weeks to allow the flavors to meld before I can actually join them. I’ll get to the tunic in a week or two.

Trekking SockThe socks are based on the Little Capitals stitch pattern and worked from a magic cast-on toe with only two pattern repeats going up the instep. There are a few stockinette stitches on each side to fill out the width of the instep and the sole is done in reverse stockinette. This is to make the interior of the sole nice and smooth. My delicate feet actually feel the purl bumps after wearing hand knit socks all day, especially if I do a lot of walking in them…like through airports…and I thought I’d try putting the smooth side towards my feet. I started the heel flap a little late — have very little gussett here, but I think it’s going to work because the stitch pattern is so stretchy. The yarn is Trekking XL — I think. Ruby chewed up the ball band and I can’t find it right now. I think she wants me to knit her a sweater.

I may have big news on a career move in a few days…I don’t want to jinx it though, so I’ll keep you guessing for now. I will say that if it happens, flights to Minnesota will be shorter.

Love, Jan

Nature is playing us like an April Fool

1.jpgHere is what we woke up to this morning. It is supposed to be in the 50’s on Thursday.

2.jpgAt least it is pretty.