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How you bean?

Hi, Jan,

21.jpg5.jpg4.jpgIt is a quintessential MN summer morning here. I got out in the garden long enough to take some photos. First, here is one from way back on June 23 – the first flowers on the beans I am growing for Rancho Gordo. And from today, the pods that resulted. The sad thing is, despite the flourishing vines (and it turned out that both colors of seeds were pole varieties, though quite different in timing before they started to stretch), these are the only pods I’ve spotted so far. I am thinking that growing Oaxacan beans in a MN summer may be as big a stretch as the vines themselves.

11.jpg1.jpg7.jpgThe flowers have been more successful. I am a sucker for a bed of mixed variety zinnias, but I love them even more up close and personal. And this is one of my favorite marigolds – a nice single with high contrast mahogany red and sulfur yellow. And I keep getting all these volunteer purple flowers – LOL. That was a beauty of a wasp on those thistles.

3.jpgNow for more color – lace swatching for Karen’s wedding shawl! The colors are really fun, but ignore them completely. I repeat, IGNORE THEM. Karen is NOT wearing a mango colored veil, at least as far as I know. But if I was going to swatch 7 or 8 different lace yarns, I didn’t want to end up with a bunch of laceweight yarn all in the same color, so I went kind of wild.

2.jpgAnd even more color in a special project – Susanna Hansson liked my Bohus hair clip enough that she has asked me to make another to share with her classes. After a quick start, I got sidetracked by work, my own Bohus, vacation, wedding shawls, etc., but I feel it is time to finish it up. Here you see it in progress – I start with ribbing, just as you would for a wristlet, a bit narrower than the clip. I then increase until it is only slightly wider than the clip – I don’t want a lot of excess material on the back. I’m ready to do the finish ribbing, then will stitch it onto the clip.

All we have on the agenda this weekend is puttering around home and going out for a movie.  My kind of heaven.  I hope you have a good weekend, too.