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In which Ellen reveals actual personal knitting content…

Hi, Jan,

Amidst all the pretty pictures from the retreat, I realize there were none of things I was actually knitting. Here’s the quick update.

21.jpgOne Rivendell Stone sock done, even though this shot shows a missing toe. The second one is cast on. I love the pattern, finding it to be a very entertaining knit on the cuff (though somewhat tedious on the foot – maybe I should have done some patterning there). I have never done twisted rib before. Once again knitting teaches me that things that look too fiddly can actually be fun and worth the effort – it is amazing how those ribs pop and are super elastic.

18.jpgLots of progress on Deep Into the Forest. I am closing in on finishing the back. For those who are counting, this is what about 36 hours of knitting looks like (not counting the time spent on portions frogged). Though this shot looks a bit puckery, when the piece is smoothed out on a human back, it smoothes out nicely.

19.jpgToday will be spent nursing a cold, trying to get some work done to prepare for a busy work week, and also making progress on moving out of our bedroom. The contractors are making progress in demolishing the existing floor and even got the tiling started. Real flooring should go down next week! And maybe a new dishwasher, too, as our 20+ year old model gave up the ghost for real just as we committed to the remodeling.

22.jpgThe remodeling includes cutting through the wall in the dining area to let light from what was Wilson’s office into the house. French doors in this hole will allow for easy conversion of that room back into an office/bedroom. It makes a huge difference in one’s mood to walk out of the bedroom and see the backyard instead of a wall. I don’t know why we didn’t do this years ago. Oh, yeah, something about college tuition. That was a good thing, too.

I hope there are many good things in your coming week. I’m heading to Cincinnati for a night – maybe I’ll score some 5-way chili!



P.S.  For those looking to do good and feel good and maybe even get rewarded in a concrete way for doing so, check out Jocelyn‘s contest for some lovely yarn in honor of her friend, Anna’s, Walk for the Cure Team.  It’s a good cause, and even if you’ve already donated to breast cancer research or have other important needs for your money, leave a comment at Knitting Linguist to be passed on to Anna in support of her efforts.

Into the Woods…

Hi, Jan,

Our life is a bit topsy turvy right now. We are living in the basement because we’ve pretty much moved out of the top level while the floor is torn out and replaced. Both of us have had weekends away recently, and, well, it goes without saying that work hasn’t slowed down.

But right now I want to take a moment out of the craziness to relive last weekend, spent in the North Woods with a bunch of awesome knitters.

1.jpg2.jpgLisa and I drove up together. We were nearly eaten by the world’s largest walleye. Luckily, he must have sensed our sympathy to all things Scandinavian (you can tell this from the way we dress) and spat us out.

3.jpg4.jpg5.jpgWe arrived at Camp Widgiwagan just in time for dinner (gourmet pizzas at a Y camp) and then settled in for a wonderful evening surrounded by yarn and knitters. It was so wonderful to just wander around the room looking at everyone’s work and all the great yarn that Sisu Designs, the sponsoring shop, brought to the retreat.

14.jpg6.jpg9.jpgThe yarn wasn’t the only colorful thing. The scenery was incredible., whether close up or from a distance.

10.jpg15.jpg8.jpgThere were colorways for sweaters every time you turned around. Isn’t that orange fungus insane?

12.jpg11.jpgProject show and tell was great, but I would overload the server if I showed it all. I did want to show the really nice shadow work in this scarf. Cool, eh? The rest can be found on my Flickr account, here.

7.jpgAnd here is a standout, even if it wasn’t knit. In the “It’s a Small World” category, the creator of this gorgeous thing, Anna, knew Lisa and my names from our dog sledding experience – she processed the forms for Outward Bound!

13.jpgThe last morning was magical with mist marching down the lake.

16.jpg The project for the weekend was a Bohus-inspired cap. I didn’t make one – instead I kept working on my Bohus sweater (post to come). But didn’t all the others make some delightful caps?

17.jpgOn the way home Lisa and I checked out the Frank Lloyd Wright designed gas station in Cloquet. It wasn’t as fun as the walleye, but it was pretty neat.

I’m exhausted just recounting the fun. I hope you had a good week and have some time to rest this weekend.