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Sleepy Puppy, Halloween and Socks Off the Needles

Dear Ellen,

Geez, we both must be pretty busy…no posts since last weekend and I almost didn’t post today.  However, the fact that I’m leaving for Baltimore in the AM makes me realize it’s now or not for another week or so.  Therefore, this photo dense post.

dscn0553.JPGdscn0557.JPGdscn0558.JPGRuby likes to think that our bed is actually her bed.  We insist that she and Max start the night on the floor, or else we would never get any time to cuddle without a dog installing him or herself between us.  This usually means dislodging her from her napping spot before we can take over.  Sometimes Ruby will determinedly pretend that she doesn’t notice that we are removing the decorative pillows from the bed or actually getting into it ourselves.

dscn0569.JPGdscn0571.JPGdscn0570.JPGdscn0573.JPGdscn0561.JPGdscn0568.JPGHalloween on Peterson AFB was very active.  We had streams of kids coming to the table we set up at the foot of our cul de sac.  We had bowls of candy for each house — one stop shopping.  We aim to please.  Our clientele ranged from adorable to gruesome.  I loved the little giraffe!!  He had personality too.  And how could you not be charmed by the friendship of the go-go dancer and the princess…or the butterflies…or the blushing bride?

dscn0576.JPGdscn0581.JPGjulie-sock-yarn.JPGI finished Julie’s socks on 1 November…one day after her official retirement date.  I think of it observing the end of her Navy career and starting the new chapter of her life in new socks!  dscn0580.JPGI’m including a shot of the skein of yarn pre-knitting as many of my friends have asked about it.  And the heel detail illustrates a new technique for “closing the gap”…oh, wait, what gap??  I’ll write the pattern up for these and will discuss it there.

Gotta load my iPod for travel and get to bad…need to be at the airport in about 7 hours.  Yikes!

Love, Jan