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Short scarf, short post…

Hey, Jan,

1.jpgI actually finished knitting this last September, so no, this wasn’t a stealth project.  It just didn’t get blocked until now.  And blocking definitely improved it, and would have done so even more had I gotten things lined up a bit better.  As it is, there’s a touch of skew to the pattern.

I bought 3 gorgeous skeins of Malabrigo Chunky when I was in New Orleans last summer.  The shop had a lovely pattern that highlighted the changes in texture with different stitches – unfortunately, I don’t think it was written well or perhaps I was given the wrong pattern, because it resembled what I recalled only in that it was a scarf.  That gave me the idea to go ahead and improvise.  I plan to continue playing with patterns of stockinette, reverse stockinette, and this simple lace mesh in the next two scarves.

2.jpgThe knitting is truly therapy knitting – gorgeous color, softsoft yarn, large enough needles to make super quick progress, and a pattern you can tuck between your ears.  Somedays that is just what I need!

I hope you are getting some therapy knitting in as you travel this month.



Bohus Alert!

Hey, there,

82.jpgFox isn’t normally my favorite news channel, but they won my heart this week with the piece they did on the Bohus exhibit at the American Swedish Institute.  Click here to check it out – you will get a nice shot of a good chunk of the display.  It is surprisingly good at capturing the feel of it all.   Not enough time to really explain the history, but it is great eye candy.  (Visual aid is from my class with Susanna last fall – see if you can spot this sweater in the video!)



P.S. updated on February 7 to change link to Fox archive.  If it doesn’t go to the sweater story, try searching the Fox Minneapolis site for “historic swede”.

Rabbit, Rabbit, Redux

Dear Ellen,

You know I like to start the month with “rabbit, rabbit” on my lips.  Seemed that much more appropriate with the passing of John Updike a few days ago.  A loss to the literary world, for sure.

dscn0001.JPGdscn0926.JPGI’m heading into February with a lot of angst…way too much travel this month.  I feel like I’m about to dive into the vortex and will have to swim like hell to resurface.  I’m serious about sticking with my diet and workout objectives and that’s just that much more difficult on travel, also I have speeches to write and work to be done.  Plus I promised Allen I’d finish his sweater by March and I don’t want to work on it while on the road for fear of loss.  I only have sleeves and making up to finish, so it’s realistic, but just so.  Tomorrow I’m mailing him the 2-row Noro striped scarf that I made to replace the scarf he thought would look better on his girlfriend, so that buys me some flexibility on the finish time of the sweater.

on-the-needles-february-1.JPGdscn0925.JPGLots on the needles right now — I’m at the making up of another EZ Baby Surprise…this one for Andrew of a few posts ago.  The yarn was Cassie by Universal Yarn Company…a loose tape cotton/polymide in shades of blue that worked up into a very nice light fabric that should take him into the summer.   dscn0923.JPGI could have sworn that I bought 6 buttons, but can only find 4 at the moment.  Buttons may have to wait, but I plan on finishing the seams tonight.  Some Handmaiden Sea Silk that I had in my stash decided it wanted to be “Clapotis,” so there’s one more knitting world classic to which I’ve succumbed.  I’m using the “purl the stitch you intend to dscn0924.JPGdrop” method to avoid needing stitch markers.  What a brilliant idea!  I was compelled to start another 2-row Noro scarf…another Hamby male was very jealous.  And I’ve been working on the “Basics” course and swatched for mom’s vest, but don’t have shots of those here.

Marie is excited about the wedding…so am I.  The veil is going to be stunning — but do be sure to think through how it will be pinned to Karen’s head.  It’s a little heavier than I had in my head (from what I can tell in the pictures), so you’ll need a good method for securing.  You may want to whip stitch it to a sturdy barrette or comb.  With Karen’s nice thick hair it won’t be a problem if you think about it ahead of time.

Love, Jan