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Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About


TwinSet is approaching our 1,000th comment.  To recognize that auspicious event, we’re going to give away some stuff.  I’ve got a copy of Mason-Dixon Knitting Outside the Lines for the lucky commenter who hits on 1,000.  Ellen, having been born 2nd, has something for commenter 1,001.  It won’t be long, so limber up your fingers and get typing!


Post post edit — We have a counter on our site administration page to keep track…which you folks can’t see, so we’ll keep you guessing!

Raveling While Travelling*

Dear Ellen,

It seems that lately I am always apologizing for not blogging with any frequency.  I think that’s being caused by:  A) way too much on my plate and B) a sense that since this is a knitting blog it should probably usually include knitting content.  I have been doing some knitting, but for some reason it isn’t making its way in front of the camera.  I realize I shouldn’t let that stop me.  You have a perfectly good mind’s eye and I can describe the knitting while embellishing the blog post with pictures of my travels.

So, on the needles right now.  That Noro two-row striped scarf is nearly complete…maybe a half hour to go.  It’s great…and will be wonderful on a ski trip we’re taking to Copper Mountain at the end of the month.  The sea silk Clapotis continues apace.  I’m enjoying it as quasi-brainless knitting at this point…and I love to do the raveling of the dropped column of stitches.  I took it with me to England along with the gorgeous caramel/honey/mustard colored German Stockings.  This pattern lets you customize the size for your own legs.  As I knit the cuffs and started the leg I kept thinking it looked more like a cowl than a sock, the diameter is so big.  That said, it does fit my ham-like calves.  I took both of these with me to the Royal Gorge and they’ll both make the trip to Hawaii next week.  Raveling, travelling, it’s all the same to me.

dscn1054.JPGdscn1045.JPGdscn1087.JPGSome photos from England and the trip Vanessa and I made to Down House in Kent, the home of Charles Darwin.  It was great fun…especially seeing the monkey skull.  The fact that we were there during the 200th anniversary dscn1067.JPGdscn1041.JPGof Darwin’s birth celebration was great — extra stuff on display.  The grounds were gorgeous…snowdrops were everywhere.  We also saw sheep — so I count this bit as knitting related too.  I was highly amused by receiving my change at a British coffee house in pounds sterling on a little tray that said “Muchas Gracias.”

img_4967.JPGimg_4979.JPGimg_4983.JPGThe Sunday after I returned Dale and I headed down to The Royal Gorge.  Not just img_4988.JPGany royal gorge, mind you… “The” Royal Gorge, site of the infamous right of way battle between the Atchison, Topeka and the Santa Fe Railroad and that Denver and Rio Grande Railroad.  But you knew that, didn’t you.  I’ve never seen “The” Grand Canyon, so I was suitably impressed with how steep and deep the gorge was.  There was ample wildlife to include Big Horn sheep, another arguable connection to knitting.  img_4970.JPGdscn0194.JPGimg_4996.JPGWe saw a grizzly bear, but the wild and dangerous deer chased it away.  No tourists were injured in the process.

Love, Jan

P.S.  How would a novice English speaker know that Raveling has one “l” while travelling has two?  Not to mention the difference between color and colour….

Small progress

Hi, Jan,

1.jpgI have finished the tedium that is a daisy chain along the entire edge of the wedding cardigan.  It will be very sweet, but I found over 400 triple yarnovers to be less than my cup of tea.

I’ve also found that scribbling numbers on a scrap of paper and transposing some of those numbers, occasionally including identifying comments, to a spreadsheet is not the same as keeping careful track of changes.  Luckily, any frogging I do will not have to include the daisy chain.  I hope to post more significant progress by the end of the week, now that I am fully aware of the ways in which I can miscount lace repeats.

2.jpg9.jpg14.jpgMonday night was knitting.  I took more pictures than would be reasonable to drag you through, but I’ll highlight Peggy’s just finished and self-designed sweater and Karen’s lovely beaded shawl. Several in the group are doing a KAL of Annie’s Sideways Spencer Redux, and swatches are starting to make an appearance.

22.jpgOn the family front, Jenny* takes off this morning for Arizona via Austin, TX and Colorado Springs.  Kind of a convoluted path, but I guess that is the privilege of the young.  She hosted a sushi party last night for a couple of her friends and her parents.  Great conversation, plenty of silliness, and all the sushi we could eat.  I’m a little embarrassed that she did all the work, but only a little.



*Yes, she knit that sweater.  It is Audrey by Kim Hargreaves out of Rowan Calmer.