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Introducing…Dr. Yarn!

Dear Jan,

Our long awaited improvement to the blog is here, in the form of Dr. Yarn.  You and I know and love Dr. Yarn, and I think it is time to share him.

TwinSet is happy to announce that guest contributor Dr. Yarn will answer your knitting questions. Dr. Yarn has seen sheep alongside the road for years and understands the knitting scene quite well.  He has studied his wife, mother-in-law, sister-in-law, daughter, daughters-in-law and grandson and granddaughters knitting and is highly qualified.  His insightful answers have often been featured in the monthly magazine “Daily Knitting.”  Send in your questions via the comments.  Every 3 or 4 weeks Dr. Yarn will pick the best question and give an in-depth and insightful answer.

Question: Why is it so cute to see a kitty playing with a ball of yarn? As you probably know the Ohio State University Feline Department received an early Federal Stimulus Grant of $250,000 to study this timely question. Early data indicate that cuteness is only in the eye of the beholder. Actually the kitties view balled yarn as a big hairball and are trying to dispose of it. The continuous batting and jumping confirmed this. If you have seen a kitty with a hairball, you know this is not a laughing matter and you should try not to laugh at the poor kitty.

Thank you for the timely and important question—Dr. Yarn.

New Starts

Dear Ellen,

There’s something I love about setting up the computer file structures for the new year.   I only have chronological files for my pictures and those are pretty straightforward.  There’s “2010” and “2010 Knitting”.  Under the former I have a folder for miscellaneous shots sorted with folders for each month and then the big events get their own folder.  Under the latter it starts out pretty empty.  I move in the folders for the projects from the previous year that didn’t get finished and guess what?  This year there are only three.  Then I add folders for each new project when I cast on or have planned them out to the point of readying the project bag.  I have 5 folders already.  dscn2254.JPGA Stitch Away from Genius (down to a few rows of the collar, some blocking and some buttons!), Cinnamon Tee and the Hugs and Kisses Socks are carry-overs.  Sea Glass and Not So Naive are new starts.  I’ve decided to make Cinnamon Tee and the socks my WIPs Wrestling entries for Ravelympics.  Not sure I’ll do a bigger effort, finishing the 2009 work will be Olympian enough!

dscn2258.JPGdscn2259.JPGNot So Naive was planned, but never packaged nor started last summer.  It’s the Ingenue sweater from Classic Knits.  I’m making it from a luscious chocolate brown llama yarn spun from fiber generously shared by Narcissus, one of the llamas at Table Rock Llamas Fiber Arts Studio in Black Forest, CO.  (I’m verifying the llama’s name with the store…was so sure it was Jack, but then the tag said Narcissus.)  That, and the occasional bit of straw, etc. that I come across in the yarn makes me feel very close to the source as I work on this.  The sweater is knit from the neck down and has a wide neck opening.  I’ll appreciate that as I don’t like being choked by sweaters…I overheat too quickly.  The pattern stitch for the neckline is repeated at the cuffs and hem.

dscn2261.JPGSea Glass is…the Hanami Stole.  You and the cell mates have tempted me over.  I’m calling my version Sea Glass because…well, just look at the picture.  You’re bright enough to figure it out.  I may try the cast on tonight.  My plan is to try to do it with the beads already strung…I hate screwing around with a tiny crochet hook.  If it doesn’t work, oh well.  I may see if I can figure out how to use the Gansey cast on as well.  Pictures to follow if it works.

A belated, but very sincere happy birthday to Wilson!  And I hope you can ease into the new year smoothly.

Love, Jan

01022010 means Happy Birthday, Wilson!

Dear Jan,

Poor Wilson, to have a birthday right after the holidays.  It is a bit of an afterthought, especially now that many of the family holidays are at our house and I am about finished with feats of culinary magnitude at this point.  Happily, he likes carry out Vietnamese, which is what is on the menu tonight.

17.jpgAt least this year he is a special palindromic birthday boy.  And he got new socks – my self-designed Wilson’s Ribs, based on Chrissy Gardiner’s toe up hybrid heel pattern.  The fit is decent, but his skinny ankles could have benefited from me continuing the gusset a couple more rows and tightening the circumference.  If he wears these, I’ll make him more and make them better.

I won’t take the bandwidth to go through all the wonderful happenings of the last 10 days.  Here are a few highlights. 5.jpg

6.jpg3.jpgSnow!  And snow shoveling!  And walking on Christmas Eve in the…snow!  (We have the best driveway in the entire neighborhood – every 3 hours, someone was out there shoveling so despite the 20+ inches of snow that fell in two days, we have bare pavement.  I am sure our neighbors are envious.


2.jpg13.jpgFood!  And cooking!  And eating…food!

10.jpg14.jpg15.jpgKaren’s hands flashing as she sutured the turducken closed were amazing.  Almost as amazing was the slicing of said chimera – whack, right through the middle.



16.jpg9.jpgWii!  And playing Wii!  And giving…Wii! Did you know that Santa plays Wii?




7.jpg4.jpg3.jpgTraditions!  Like finding the pickle (emergency replacement pickle knit by Karen from Solveig Gustafson’s beautiful green silk yarn, when we couldn’t find the regular one)!  Like burning bayberry candles!  Like Christmas Eve walks in the…snow!  (Oops, getting carried away – I’ll stop now to avoid getting into an infinite loop.)

19.jpgIt was -15F at 10 a.m. this morning.  We made a lot of fires this last week, and I think that is one activity we’ll have to continue with today.  You stay warm, too.