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Dear Jan,

With a new moon this weekend, the nighttime light is beginning to grow as we head towards the full on the Solstice.  Other beginnings are in the air, too.

8.jpgThe beginning of toleration by the birds of the antics of the kiddens as they try to get through the glass.

15.jpgThe beginning of cross country ski season and the trace left from the beginning of the loop I made on Saturday morning, after a lovely snow over Friday night.

9.jpgThe beginning of holiday baking.

61.jpgThe beginning of sleeves on my In Honor of Pele (Eyelet Cardi by Chic Knits).

12.jpgOf course,  not all beginnings are smooth.  Take a close look at the sleeve shot above, and you will note one of the perils of handspun.  A darker bit of wool must have sneaked in to a batt or two, and when it was juxtaposed to a lighter bit of knitting at the start of the sleeve it bugged me.  I was fighting the sleeves, anyway, trying to do two on one circular and just not enjoying it.  I frogged both, dug up a lighter skein and am much happier with the match and the way it is going now.  I’m about 6 or 7 inches down the first arm now and it is sailing along just fine.

4.jpgOther beginnings are so smooth, they end almost as soon as they started.  I banged out this little hat from a ball of Queensland Tahiti which StevenBe donated in every goody bag at Yarnover a couple of years back.  I’ll be donating it via our work knitting group to the local county hospital.

11.jpgHere are the beginnings of two pairs of socks.  On the left, the finished (washed and whacked) multi-fiber blend from a couple of weeks back and on the right, the merino/silk sliver that I was spinning up about a week ago, also washed and whacked.  W&W – it’s magical, I tell you, for turning handspun yarn into a yarn 10 times better than you thought it was.
I hope your trip began well, and ends even better.



*I’m hoping that all this washing and whacking won’t attract yet more sp*m.

Moules et frites!

Dear Ellen,

A brief note to let you  (and our readers) know that I am off to Brussels in a few hours.  By this time tomorrow I intend to be eating mussels and french fries.  I’ll be back late Friday, so hopefully will have the wherewithal to provide a brilliant and informative post next weekend.

A side note to let you know I just did a bit of site administration and we had a record of 128 spam comments!  Does this mean we are the blog of choice?

Love, Jan