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Weekend spin out…

Dear Jan,

10.jpgI’ve had a busy weekend.

I’m heading to Germany on Tuesday for 8 days, so some things just had to be finished, including spinning the rest of the singles from Nora.  I wanted to avoid a gap that could have created inconsistent spinning, hence the tackling of the pile of bats and converting them to  storage bobbins of spun fiber.  I spun over 6 ounces this weekend alone.

If I’ve counted correctly, we have 23 nice bobbinsful (about 1 oz each) and 4 bobbins of somewhat suspect fiber.  This was the project in which I learned that the stuff the accumulates on the smaller drum of a drum carder really, really shouldn’t be pulled off and fed back into the process.  It’s full of vegetable matter and pilled up bits of fiber.  (hmm, that’s efficient, pre-pilled yarn – you don’t even have to wear the sweater for it to look worn!)  Those 4 bobbins on the right side, marked with rubber bands, are the outcome of that experiment.  They will be set aside for plying experiments, but I rather doubt they’ll make nice yarn.

2.jpgIn between spinning, I got one more hat out the door for the Warm Hats, Not Hot Heads project.  This was was knit by Pat, the wonderful knitter and friend from both work and StevenBe’s (she is the lovely Jessie’s mother and kind of a knitting muse for everyone who comes to the shop).  I believe you met her when you were here last spring.

12.jpgAnd amongst other household chores, the one that hit the kiddens’ funny bones was the Changing o’ the Sheets.  They had enormous fun playing in the big bed, hiding under blankets, pouncing on each other, and behaving so much like little kids getting to play on their parents bed. Perhaps Wilson and I are too easily amused.

But now the amusing weekend is over and it is time to get ready for bed, then work.

Love to the doggies (though I won’t tell the kiddens I said so),