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Holing up in MN…

Dear Jan,

I wish I had you here to help me puzzle out how to do the sleeve cap shaping for my Rimfrost.  Sure, I could follow the pattern, but I’m stubborn enough to have decided to do it from the top down, knit right into the armscyes.  Pride goeth and all that, I fear, as my first attempt is kind of OK.  We both know that this is not good enough for a Bohus sweater, so after I click send I will start effort number two.

What I’ve encountered is that in using short rows, one is adding two rows for every picked up stitch eaten.  This results in more fabric vertically in the sleeve than in the body, and the sleeve looks a bit puffy.  I wanted sleek.


I think what I have to do is devise a way to basically work a short row, then jump to the next picked up stitch without introducing a gap at the turn.  I have started implementing some ideas and I think they are an improvement.  Just a little sleeker and less poofy. Ignore that the photo is better, too – it really does look better in person.



Luckily, as there are two armscyes, I can try my new ideas without frogging the first attempt and then see which I like best.  If neither suits, I am not knitting a third armscye.  I can always punt and actually go back to following the pattern and sewing in the sleeves.  But that would be like kissing your sister.

Not that you don’t deserve a kiss, I’m sure, but Dale can handle that.


A smattering…

Dear Jan,

Work is keeping me quite busy, unable to buckle down and get much of anything in particular accomplished.  Hence, you get some dribs and drabs of knitting related things in this post.

I’m working on a new design, the sweater pattern I was seeking to use up the worsted weight yarn from Nora.  I couldn’t find what I wanted, so I’m designing it myself.  As I may submit it for publication somewhere, I’m not able to post photos of the work in progress (about 8 inches of the body so far), but here is a swatch to give you an idea of the rustic nature of the yarn and sweater.


I did spend a Saturday last month testing a new wheel at StevenBe’s.  I gave a Schacht Matchless a good work out spinning up 5 oz of singles from Lorna’s Laces Zombie Barbeque colorway.  I’ll likely chain ply these to maintain the clear colors – one wouldn’t want to lose a bit of this gory goodness by blending it together.  (No purchase planned yet, just test drives.)


And finally, a recent Ikea find – the Socktopus.  I don’t think that is what they called him as it doesn’t sound Swedish enough, but how could he be called anything else?  (What is octopus in Swedish, anyway?)

Edited to add the link to the Ikea item HERE.


I hope your weekend is filled with more than a smattering of fun.