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Episode 9 — Top Tips for Taking Classes…and Fleece Tips Too!

In which we congratulate Erin of “The Anatomy of Knitting” on her two new baby boys, chat about the rewards of preventative medicine and Jan’s adventures and misadventures at the Pennsylvania Farm Show, listen to an interview with alpaca princesses and a local youth fleece to shawl competition team, avoid the worst of Jan’s flu experience, review knits on and off the needle, get into a disagreement over fulling and felting, offer some tips for finding fiber arts classes that will make you happy you took them, drool over edible roving, discuss how dye helps you find tippy tips of tippy fleeces, learn a tip to eliminate ladders in garter stitch knit on dpn’s in the round and look forward to fiber retreats this weekend and next.

Powered by Fusion…Fiber Fusion…

Dear Jan,

I am finally finding time to make headway on my project for the Fiber Fusion Design class taught by Steven Berg at his StevenBe Workshop. Steven had a career in Big Fashion before becoming one of the most creative and beloved LYS owners in the country, and he is teaching us how to apply some of the approaches they took to making designer knitwear.


Basically, you work from a sewing pattern to identify basic shapes that work with your inspiration.  My inspiration was the small skeins of various handspun wools I have, including some rare breeds.  I thought something like this tunic would suit streaks of knitting in various colors.


We traced the rough design of the pattern pieces on tag board, I sketched in my rough plans for shaping and knitting direction, and away we went.  I finished the right front back in December and today got much of the way through the left front.  It goes fast at this gauge!


Lisa is taking this course with me.  You can see her progress on her Ravelry page (actually, I think she is already finished – she ain’t called Turbogal for nothin’!)  She and Steven want me to keep the little rubber butterflies that were part of the art yarn I’m using to liven up my natural colored handspun skeins.  I want me to be able to wear this sweater in public, so I’m not sure how long they will last.  For now, I guess it is kind of fun to have them hovering over the work.

Time to go hover over the pillow.



A Holiday fit for a King…

…Penguin, that is.

Dear Jan,

We had, as always, a wonderful gathering for the holidays at our house.  The entire family on Wilson’s side (with the notable exception of Wilson’s own daughters and son-in-law (mine, too, I haven’t been keeping something from you)) came for a rolicking-good time.   In our heartbreak over our offspring being responsible working adults who couldn’t make it across half a continent to see us for a day, we had to adopt a new child.

Meet Peterson*.

Peterson  helped Merry bake cookies.


and helped Mom cook dinner.


Peterson chose yet more cookies to bake.


Peterson snacked with Paula on Wilson’s famous party mix while waiting for cookies to come out of the oven.


When Wilson hung the Shining Hippo** on the top of the tree, Peterson was there to catch him if he fell.


Peterson listened as Dad read Silver Packages,


and went on the cold (and short) Christmas Eve walk with Margaret and Merry and Jon and Wilson and me.


Wilson helped Jon open gifts,


and wore Beauty Bows with Mom.


Peterson was concerned about the menu for dinner,


but wholly approved the job Marty and Dad did in constructing shelves for the new closet.


All that work made Peterson sleepy.  (Poison was sleepy from general naughtiness.)


Peterson thinks feathers are better, but still found carding wool to be fun if you get to do it with Margaret and Mom.


And Peterson even pulled a New Year’s Eve cracker with me.  He was brave and didn’t cry when it went off.


Don’t worry, Karen, Brandon, and Jenny.  Peterson doesn’t take up much space.  There is always room for you.



*In the Fun Facts to Know and Tell category, Roger Tory P. was known by the nickname King Penguin.

**Newlyweds, be careful of little jokes you make like hanging a cheap pompon ornament at the top of your tree because you don’t have a star.  It is amazing what will stick for 32 years.

Episode 8 — High Resolution

In which we discuss much holiday fun and frolic with family and lots of food, update each other on a miserly quantity of completed knitting, have zero actual spinning going on, chat about the gleener, note the trick to the Channel Island cast on, and offer up our intentions to have better resolution in 2013.

Detailed show notes can be found in the podcast page over on the righthand sidebar of the blog, or click HERE.