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Episode 43 — We Can Haz Math Skillz!!

In which we discuss the kindness of Susan B. Anderson, the TwinSet Dolls World Tour, quiet Independence Days, an abundance and a dearth of cherries, biting off more than one should chew, a new to Dale sailboat, drinking rum punch (possibly to excess), the arrival on the farm of Hedy, Ada, Grete and Grace, and Ellen’s compulsion to calculate.

Patterns of Our Lives:

The twins are going on a tour – the TwinSet Living Doll Tour!  Check out the thread in the Twinset Designs Ravelry group for info on how you can have the toddler twin dolls visit you!

Jan reports on a fiber festival at Flying Fibers.  Ellen failed to post show notes in time for you to learn about it in time for you to attend, but if you’d care to read about it as a history lesson, HERE is the link.

Jan has been processing cherries, Ellen has been a tiny bit relieved that her tree didn’t bear much this year (weird winter?) so she doesn’t have to.  Luckily she had a backup in storage, as she bap-bap-bapped until she actually broke her Norpro cherry stoner.  Maybe she learned something from this experience.

Jan taught a class on two-at-a-time, toe-up, magic loop socks.  She reports that this class with more than one or two concepts in a class, you need to plan more than two or three hours.  Maybe she learned something from this experience.

Six minus two equals four lambies who came home in the back of Jan’s Subaru to live at Fair Winds Farm.  Ada Lovelace (world’s first computer programmer), Grete Hermann (established algebra used in computer logic), Hedy Lamar  (developed algorithms used in frequency hopping) and Grace Hopper (mother of COBOL and the term “computer bug”) — her own little STEM cell — are all gamboling about on the pastures.  Her own Fair Isle sweater on the hoof, given the range of colors.  Maybe we’ve all learned something from this experience.

Dale has his own fun – a 16 foot Hobie Cat sailboat.  He has the experience and the learning.

Etsy store?  Is Jan really going to get it open?  She says she will do it and Ellen said she’d get the show notes up before she does.  (As I type, I wonder if I will click publish before she activates, because she hasn’t opened it yet!)

Time for Ellen to jump in with something – she went to a luau at a friend of Wilson’s.  That’s really about it – work, exercise, knit.  Hey, that sounds OK!

Finely or Finally Knit:

Ellen finished and blocked  a wrap which she used to practice lever knitting (Wrapsody in Be Fabulous by Steven Berg), which she learned in Stephanie Pearl-McPhee’s class.  She comments that superwash yarn (Modewerk Fingering) really stretches long and wide and drapey.

Jan finished her Holbrook Shawl in The Uncommon Thread Silky Merino Fingering in the Zitouni colorway.  Zitouni means “My olive” in Arabic. She used size US 5 needles and about 1 1/2 100gram skeins for somewhere around 600 meters. She aggressively blocked it.  (I’m sure she enjoyed that.)

Jan has also worked up Sweet Baby James — a new design. It is top down and incorporates a fascine braid for a faux saddle shoulder. She also use an i-cord cast on that forms a nice little collar before joining to work in the round. It is named for her soon to be born great nephew.

Apparently, Jan hasn’t slept recently as she also finished 2 pair of baby booties and a baby hat. One pair will go with the little sweater to Florida for James.

On the Runway:

Ellen is down to three WIPS – her Bohus reproduction named Many Moments of Grace, a reproduction of the Rimfrost design, a pair of socks, a hat, and another sweater (that hasn’t seen any work for quite a while). She’s focused on Rimfrost and has finished 9/16 of a sleeve.  We won’t bore you with what fraction of a sweater that is.

Jan is working on her Greek Key patterned hat to thank the hero in her lost item story from last episode, working in alpaca yarn.   Another hat is on the needles, this one out of Wensleydale handspun, and she also has unearthed her Death Spiral shawl, her version of Erica Gunn’s Spiral Shawl, which she is knitting out of  Touch Yarns Mohair Merino.

Bitten by our Knittin’:

Ellen admits she has knit something like 1.2 sleeves, not 9/16, truth be told.  She decided the sleeve was really too large of a circumference, so she frogged back to the underarm and added a gusset to sharply decrease the sleeve.  And in frogging Wrapsody, she found two dropped stitches.  It took 60 rows to drop down to one of them, but it was a successful endeavor.

Jan’s knitting was well-behaved.

360 Degrees

Both twins have started their Tour de Fleece spinning.  Ellen is still working on the Spinning Bunny top in colorway Sled Dog.  Working with a Golding spindle has really sped up her rate of production.  Maybe she’ll finish that fiber yet!

Jan is spinning alpaca on her Kromski Sonata.  She plans to spin enough for Mishka, Julie Weisenberg’s great sweater.

Fiber Jargon:

A fibershed is a regional textile supply chain.  Kind of like Jan’s backyard.

Ellen’s Embellishment is the FitBit – great for inter-marital competition. It is sad to open up one’s dashboard after a day when one forgot to wear the Fitbit and see ZERO steps.  Jan embellishes her Fitbit by using the app, MyFitnessPal.

Slick Tricks:

For afterthought heels Jan suggests knitting a flap with that waste yarn before you continue on with the working yarn of your project. It will give you something to use to put tension on the sock stitches making it far easier to put them on needles before you remove the waste yarn.

You May Already be a Wiener!

We are hosting a
Cleaning off the Needles KAL/CAL!  Your project must be a WIP as of July 10, 2014 and must be off the needles by midnight of the Autumnal Equinox, 22 September. There will be prizes. We’ll start a thread for both chat and FOs.

Fashion Forecast

Ellen is doing some travel for work and then comes home to lead a learn-along for her Paving Mitts pattern at StevenBe.And don’t forget…TwinSet Summer Camp!

Enjoy the show!