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Video tutorials

Well, until we figure out how to upload a YouTube video without breaking the site formatting, I think I’m going to wimp out and just stick them on this page.  At least our public face will be cleaned up!

Here is the first:

Decorative double cast on


This cast on produces a decorative cast on that is similar on both sides – a staggered double row of double bumps.  Stretchy, too!

Technique is to set up as for a normal long tail cast on, except that you double back the loose end so you are working with a double yarn over your thumb.  You can do one “waste” cast on stitch (make sure you knit two together at the start of your project to eat this up or you can unravel it when you get started knitting) or you can just start casting on.  First cast on stitch is just like a normal cast on.  The second stitch, you insert your needle tip under the lower right leg of the X formed by the yarn over your thumb and then hook the yarn from around your forefinger.  Snug up the loop gently.  Repeat these two stitches until you’ve finished the cast on.  You’ll note that the stitches cluster two-by-two – just like twins.  Ahhh!